My Abduction Story

This is my real abdution story.

Many years ago when i was an teenager (sorry but ii don't remember the exact year unfortunaly i have a bad memory and almost all the memories vanish with the time) and please do not judge me badly for what you will read.

It was a night of a summer , I was at my family home in the countryside, i was drunk and stoned by a reasonable multitude of beer, cubalibre and weed but despite  this i was pretty shiny ,so, after some hours spent on the computer i had gone to bed aware that the next morning i would have a terrible headache and i would have been terrible; while I was sleeping  a tremendous white incredible lamp light woke me up and i was paralized I did not feel scared, panicked or anything else to tell the truth I felt a great calm and inner peace,

I was lying on my side bed and saw the shadows of three gray aliens and after that  an absolute beautiful total darkness.It all took a few seconds.

When I woke up It was late in the morning and I felt really good as it had not been for so long, I felt stronger than usual, full of energies, positive and vital unfortunately this energy in the following days has gone down and after it has disappeared.

I seem to remember that I had some slight skin discomfort on the skin of my right leg more than those I remember having because of mosquito bites, bees, sun, pimples, freckles, etc. That's All.

Probably it was a strange little dream, but it does not matter, and now I hope all the eventual curious people who will have ask to me for information about a my possible close encounter or relationship with the aliens in the reality will be satisfied.

Fortunaly I found again this video vanished and removed from  the web in the last years made  by a contactees group . I'm quite sure it is true real and a gray alien  child  is present in the video. The alien race type Is similar to the grays alien form i see in the dark of my room  many years ago.