A baby alien was found in the USA in a  ufo crash site about 60 years ago , american doctors in a secret place cure this baby , at six years Amy (the name decided by the doctors for baby alien found) doing calculus and speaks 17 languages with a iq tested by monkey scientist of 190 , she is adult now and top information reserved updated 30 years ago she collaborates in the relationship between the American government and its race , when one day in the past her alien race.

The aliens wanted the little girl of their species back otherwise they would have had terrible consequences (obviously joking it was obvious they could take it when they wanted) and communicated this message through the satellites, the US government refused to return the young alien child by claiming that by now Was acclimated and was comfortable  with  couples who had built a family and affective relationship, obviously his alien race as well as all that everyone can do in all directions being civilized continues to take care of the earth by defending it from the asteroids , The solar eruptions, the comets, and the other endless dangers of the infinite universe, only that obviously having the Americans failed the test, the aliens have corrected the parameters and make it bodyguard job a bit less than they have always done in the last few hundred Thousands of years.

Even though the difference is not noticeable, among other things, almost certainly american air force forces and extraterrestrials secretly are closing the ozone hole through the famous chemical sciences and other methods at the North Pole. Obviously not all chemical sciences are good, being endless groups of human powers with infinite interests in contrast and divergences between them everything is possible and just a moment to find us all dead in a possible bacteriological  third world war or worse.

Returning to Amy i remember was present in the web more than 100 sites that talked to her have all been mysteriously vanished into nothingness over the last few years (I've seen the endless web of amazingly astonishing webs disappearing on ufo and aliens that are found and removed selectively from groups of The evil human powers of our evil governments), I saw that the last three had remained and I re-published the story.

This a true picture of Amy. maybe the only remained you can find the web. She is a less crappy thread of a male child of our human raceat few seconds after birth (a true alienarchist  must write like a hater always and anyway XD)

A really evident light ufo sighted in Italy and immediately exploited to advertise a bullshit that no one had ever noticed or had ever noticed until I did a month ago I did  it become viral.

The Wow! signal was a strong narrowband radio signal received on August 15, 1977, by Ohio State University's Big Ear radio telescope in the United States, then used to support the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. The signal appeared to come from the constellation Sagittarius and bore the expected hallmarks of extraterrestrial origin.

Astronomer Jerry R. Ehman discovered the anomaly a few days later, while reviewing the recorded data. He was so impressed by the result that he circled the reading on the computer printout and wrote the comment Wow! on its side, leading to the event's widely used name.

The entire signal sequence lasted for the full 72-second window during which Big Ear was able to observe it, but has not been detected since, despite several subsequent attempts by Ehman and others. Many hypotheses on the origin of the emission have been advanced, including natural and man-made sources, although none of them adequately explains the result. The Wow! signal remains therefore the strongest candidate for an alien radio transmission ever detected.

Now the truth. The are many hight developed secret station used by us evil governement to communicate with the ufo in many mode , casually a astronomer diffuse a casual lucky  interception with old machinery  and send the scoop to the media. That's all.

6EQUJ5 , Obviously the old machine did not have the ability to decode the transmission like anything else and knocked out random numbers and letters ,It was a toaster that had to translate an alien messages into  letters and numbers, and of course it was one of the endless old expensive machines that seemed to do something but really did nothing and are made to give jobs to multi-graduates people who did not understand anything of the life.

All files audio you can found in the web of this wow signals are fake and this is an american police call to police about a crime. I check with programs like Audacity in all the possible mode. I spend one month of my time for this shith. There isn't error is fake.

If you think aliens and ufo are evil you was sure fraud by evil mass media , evil propaganda, fear, ignorance and racism .

I love the aliens and the ufo for this reason i have do a tattoo of this emblem too on my back and another one my heart many years ago.

The aliens are the last hope , the last chance , the last opportunity for a better world and for save the humanity by the evil of the governments , banksters , evil monkey with power, etc.etc. etc. and third world nuclear and battegical war.

UFOs and Aliens protect us for thousands of years from asteroids and comets.

This alien is wounded and rightly tries to defend himself against the men of evil governments.

I hope the liberation day from evil governments coming soon through an alien invasion.