Cancer Cure

Non smoker  /  Smoker

If you really have cancer and you are reading this my web site about alienarchy to try to find a cure and you are not a curious or a healthy person I can advise you need inform your doctor before start hiring anything at random .

This the fruit of really many years of my personal study and research about medicine and supplementation.

With my suggestions anyhow you will increase your vitality, extend your life, your strength, your health, your longevity and your intelligence; Always remember that we all need eat CLEAN.

This is my only existent 60% accurate presumable cancer cure approved and the secret for being superhuman and almost immortal  too,if you want read and try after asking your doctor's opinion .

I think you can cure almost any widespread health problem with this cure.

if you are a man you need approximaly every day

1g of alpha lipoic acid

1 pill of multicentrum

10.000 iu of vitamin d3

30 mg of iodure potassium/ iodine potassium/iodide potassium

10 mg of vitamin k2 type mk7

10 mg of vitamin k2 type mk4

600 mg of coenzime q10

3 g of N/acetyl cysteine

3 yellow lemon juice

3g of vitamin C

1 g of carnosine

1 g of creatine

60 mg of astaxanthin

1g of phosfatilserine

drink  1 time month

one dose liquid vitamin k1 of 10 mg

*medicine type for example

Konakion or if you don't have the stomach to drink this horrible potion try 8 pills of vitamin k1 of 1mg divised during the month

one time  week

1 Intramuscular Injection of Glutathione *MEDICINE type for example TAD600

1 intramuscolar injection of cianocobalamin *MEDICINE type for example dobetin 5000 or better the vitamin b12 pill form type like methycobalamin.

10 mg of melatonin before

go to sleep EVERY NIGHT

if you are a woman correct the doses approximaly with -10% of the doses

we are humans  we are frigivorous so try to eat mainly or better only fruits , vegetables ,legumes ,Dried fruit .etc.etc.etc..

Raw eggs and milk dairy product are tollerable

Sugar, alcol ,cereals, smoking tobacco, aspartame, acesulfume k, fish, meat, junkfood kill you.

According to my modest opinion be happy is very important try to doing exercise ,read book, listen music , do protected sex *eventually with a prostitute if you don-t have a partner..... and try to have or build a hobby.

pray to aliens and ufo help me to feel better why don-t you try?

It becomes alienarchist to be you just have to feel inside your soul.

Remember probably you have the gout too

We are in the third millennium we live like the kings and the queen of the past or better and we eat shit so

try to use the allopurinol for one week three time for year to feel better.

I can write a book about health ,medicine and supplement but i don-t have the time sorry bye bye.

All the other billions of supplementary types  at best are useless, ineffective and are cash thrown. (despite supplements that I did not mention are worth the expense though they may have a very slight positive effect)

In any case the medicine and the  supplements I listed are the best, the problem is that they cost a bang (minimum thousands of dollar or euro for each year if you buy efficiently high-dose supplements directly from the manufacturers or more if you are an idiot ) and if you do not have health problems and extra money better to think about enjoying life with your family doing the usual things stuff like go to cinema, Restaurant, etc. and maybe you don't think we speak about ingestion of a minimum total 300-16000 pills each day (always check ,dont't forget the importance of the dose in the pills iu-mcg-mg-gr.) and if one person seriously do this in the day  actually does not have the material time to have a real life.

For those with cancer, of course if it is a surgically removable tumor, it must certainly be the intervention and the same thing for chemotherapy.

And you should always consider the supplements as a reinforcement and support that brings enormous benefits and not as a safety solution to the problem though they could often really make a difference.