Astral Dream

Do sweet smells lead to sweet dreams? One small study found that sniffing flowers at a particular point in the sleep cycle led to more positive dreams, while a sulphur odor was linked to negative ones. Though researchers say you can't replicate those results in your bedroom (by the time you're dreaming, that lilac blossom scent you spritzed pre-bedtime can't stimulate you), there's a possibility that a sudden aroma—bacon wafting up from the kitchen, for example—could infiltrate your dream. Relax is the Answer.

If you are afraid about your dreams and you are male try to think and dream the beatiful reptilian hot girls pussy and i think you are ok lol XD

my friend ,relax and stay easy is the only true answer for all your issues no one man in the world me too have the minimal importance

Maybe very few lucky ones have been disturbed once for some drainage of DNA and their memory of the meeting has been deleted without damage.

I can assure you that astral travels are the result of the fantasy of those who love to dream and are not satisfied with their real life because they do not find hobbies, A partner or distraction that allows him to live his life well. Sometimes astral travel is favored by eye-sighting problems of great dreamers but is just a result of a great imagination

We spend half of our lives dreaming while we are sleeping and there is nothing wrong with it, but it is still better to take some time for meditation, practicing sports and making a healthy life and learning not to give importance to dreams and to anything in general while remembering being educated and helping the weakest ones encounter in their lives respecting their own limits , and even if it does not seem important after death (the eternal sleep) I think A virtual trace of us and all that we have done in our lives remains on alien computers creating new levels of comparison and better expectations from the civilization of our race, especially thanks to the best of us who have succeeded from generation to generation who have shown Be good, compassionate, and charitable who through their actions will have a good impression and respect in all 'universe .