Lord Vrillon is a real angel of God like all the other aliens.

This gray alien was wrongly torturated by USA.

This benevolent alien has been unjustly tortured and humiliated, there will be serious consequences for those who are stained with such atrocities when the day of liberation from the dark governments arrives and we will all begin a new happy life in a paradise on earth run by aliens in a real free world where the rights of all alien and human races are guaranteed, where peace reigns and everyone has access to public services for free and receive the free income of citizenship money and we will finally be free from ignorance and superstition.

The only hope for a better world is the alienarchy, the extraterrestrials have built perfect societies in their worlds and once we considered them deities while today the obscure governments treat them as enemies who must be tortured and cheated. Do not fear my friends! extraterrestrials are all good and want to protect and guide us! this is the inconvenient truth for evil governments.


So i'm a weed smoker and I want  will write my dream and you can draw the conclusion that you want my dear readers.

We humans are inferior  and fragile creatures, weak, selfish unfit to govern ourselves through any form of government be it a dictatorship, a monarchy or a democracy; ONLY a future possible alienarchy will can work efficiently for the well-being of all of us humans.

The human being once came to power falls prey to delusions of grandeur, greed, venality and almost never ends up caring for needs of the masses, preferring to serve the interests of big powers especially banksters.

Maybe you do not know but in the world in all countries there is the banking seignorage, central banks are printing money when the charge to the states instead of credit and therefore do not have monetary sovereignty.

With the advent of a possible Alienarchy all powers should the extraterrestrial superior top creatures that are higher evolved much more civilized than us, things are good, compassionate, kind, noble and chivalrous from the soul who just want to save us from ourselves that we live in this film the horror that is the present, dominated by unjust laws against freedom, war, terrorism, crime, gangs, disease, poverty, etc. etc.

I think the aliens know everything happening on this planet, and prove themselves pain and suffering as we try them for our misfortunes and would like to help but unfortunately just see movies that make the movies and video games that depict in a shameful and against logic aliens as evil, ruthless and brutal adversely affecting the common thought of the masses when the one and only truth is that the aliens could be the saviors and the guides of the golden age of all humanity.

I am convinced that when it manifests the will of open-minded people to ask for help and to have faith and hope in extraterrestrials for the realization of a utopian world they will be officially on earth.

I manifest this desire by buying posters, rings, necklaces, medals of aliens and crop circles, I even got a tattoo on his chest to the left where there is the beating heart of a crop circle and perhaps wait a lifetime on the day of liberation of humanity from these monkeys who are in high positions and its weaknesses but only a life following an ideal is worth living but simply to find some space becoming aware every now and pray in the silence of your room and you will have helped make the world a better place.

I pray every day the aliens

I ask them to give me health power and miracles or signs, I made a few dreams of aliens, but I've never seen except one dream many years ago, I think that extraterrestrials are the gods who were waiting for the dawn of time I hope and I am sure that soon will be on earth will show themselves to us and take their rightful place in the government of countries and were bringing happiness justice and peace in the world.

I just hope it happens soon

and you? do you pray aliens? i hope the liberation day from evil governments coming soon through an alien invasion. we alienarchists wait the return of the elohim becouse they are the real fathe of the humanity.

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by developer

Roberto Calafato

Alienarchy is the weapon and the right solution against all social, criminal and civil injustices.

Fortunaly I found again this video vanished and removed from  the web in the last years made  by a contactees group . I'm quite sure it is true real and a gray alien  child  is present in the video. The alien race type Is similar to the grays alien form i see in the dark of my room  many years ago.

Aliens are good top creatures and rightly they deserve absolute respect ,love , honesty and sincerity.I'm alienarchist becouse only the aliens have the qualities and abilities to govern us humans at best and i hope this happens one day in the future.

The alienarchist empire will rise from the ashes of this rough and violent world of the present like a phoenix, the injustices will be erased, the wicked will pay the consequences of their actions including the representatives of the forces of law and order, we must all pray for the day come early.

For centuries, scholars have been debating the two main possibilities for the origin and meaning of life. Some aspire to a higher philosophical dimension, which they can't find in the theory of evolution, while others dismiss as irrational any reference to an almighty god.

But what if another theory, one both rational and with philosophical depth, were to be available?

This is what the “Message” of this site proposes: Thousands of years ago, scientists from another planet came to Earth and created all forms of life, including human beings, whom they created in their own image. References to these scientists and their work can be found in the ancient texts of many cultures. Due to their highly advanced technology, they were considered as gods by our primitive ancestors and often referred to as 'UFO and Aliens' which in ancient men meant 'Those who came from the sky'.

Despite being a plural word, Aliens was mistranslated over time to the singular 'God' reference that appears in modern-day Bibles.

Nevertheless, these people who came from the sky (the Aliens) educated humanity through the ages with the help of various messengers (also called prophets) with whom they had made contact. Each messenger was given a message suitable for the level of understanding prevailing at the time, with the primary purpose of instilling basic principles of non-violence and respect. Once humanity reached a sufficient level of scientific understanding, the Aliens decided to make themselves more visible in UFO sightings, crop circles and to conceive their final message. People in the world was given one mission be correct and preparing themselves for the welcome the return of our creators.

The atheist and the raelians offers the better rational solution to the age-old debate between God-believers and evolutionists. It’s compatible not only with today's scientific discoveries but also with the ancient historical accounts of all cultures.

We guarantee you’ll never look at the world the same way again!

The only true is the aliens dislike be called gods but they want be called top creatures and they justly want the relative respect.

According to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations and forever changing the course of human history. But how did this concept develop, and is there any evidence to support it?

Ancient alien theory grew out of the centuries-old idea that life exists on other planets, and that humans and extraterrestrials have crossed paths before. The theme of human-alien interaction unfortunaly start with racism becouse cinemakers are stupids and inspirend by ignorance. We are monkeys and we travel to moon , space and other planets with Mars, why couldn’t extraterrestrials visit Earth? Are you stupid my friend Ufo and Aliens are the Goods and the Protectors of the Earth and Humanity from the preistory.

If you are a belivers like us try to doing meditation , try always to doing your best job and to be happy becouse unfortunaly slow the solutions are coming and they one day arrive to our planet for fix all the problems and they need and want just our Love and  Respect.

I want displayed my favourite story about ufo and aliens abduction and experiences i found in the official tradition of the ufo researcher.

Perhaps one of the best known cases in UFO lore, Barney and Better Hill were allegedly abducted by aliens in 1960.

It all started when they were driving back home from a vacation in Canada, and they saw something they could not explain:

    At about a quarter past 16:30 PM, three miles south of the city of Lancaster, Barney noticed what appeared to be a bright star, or planet, which seemed to move erratically. Barney pointed this out to Betty, and they both began to keep track of the object.

    The couple began to believe that they were watching a plane appear and disappear, they think the excessive 100 mph speed of their vehicle caused the trees to come and go in obstructing their view. Later, Barney would state that he tried to convince himself that the object was a plane, but that Betty thought it to be something else – an unidentified craft of some kind.

    As the two continued to the Flume, just north of North Woodstock, the object appeared to move in an odd way.

    As they reached Indian Head, Barney actually stopped the car to have a look at the object with his binoculars after have doing about 6 miles at 30 mph. He saw multi-colored lights, and rows of windows on a flat-shaped object, which now seemed to be moving toward him.

    As the object moved to within a hundred feet of him, he could see occupants inside. Frightened, he ran back to his car where Betty waited. They climbed inside and sped away very fast. Soon, 3 hours of their lives would vanish into oblivion.

    After resuming their journey home, they were not able to see the strange craft anymore. Oddly though, they heard a beeping sound. They then heard the beeping a second time, noticing that they were suddenly thirty e miles farther down the road than a minute  ago. They were now in Ashla.

Once they got back home, however, the strange occurrences didn’t stop. Betty forcefully insisted that their luggage be kept near the back door, their dress shoes were scuffed and scrapped, and both of their watches were broken — never to work again.

But it wasn’t over yet.

The aliens don't want and dislike be called and named as "gods" but they liked be named and called top creatures.

Betty began having vivid dreams about the craft and strange people in it.

    In the dreams, Betty, Barney, and the men walked up a ramp into a disc-shaped craft of metallic appearance. Once inside, Barney and Betty were separated. She protested, and was told by a man she called “the leader” that if she and Barney were examined together, it would take much longer to conduct the exams. She and Barney were then taken to separate rooms.

    Betty then dreamt that a new man, similar to the others, entered to conduct her exam with the leader. Betty called this new man “the examiner” and said he had a pleasant, calm manner. Though the random Leader and the examiner spoke to her in English, the examiner’s command of the language seemed imperfect and she had difficulty understanding him. (Source)

According to Betty, she was then subjected to an examination. Afterward, she spoke to “the leader.” The Leader told Betty that she could keep a book that she found, but later insisted that he take it back, saying that “the others” wanted to wipe her mind completely. Betty told the Leader that no matter what he did, she would remember the events.


The secret Apollo 20 mission , beautiful queen alien female possible top creature annunaki called "Monnalisa" found dead mummified in a spacecraft crashed near an abandoned lunar space city in the dark side of the moon.

We need build appropriate stately temples for the cemeteries of all types of aliens found dead by us humans for the our aliens sacred protectors.

I think we need be extremely respectful, polite and very grateful for treating the dead of other top races in the universe.

Crop Circle Sacred Promise Islamic  ISIS   soppression


map of embassy

alien we human need abdsolutament

build it fast and


Look at the eyes of this alien, instead of being treated like a VIP is kept locked in a cell. It's not right.

When the aliens will come one day to govern us a new dawn of justice will rise, good and sincere good people will be blessed and their seed will grow lush, bad evil people will fester and they will not be left alone, those in the gray area where I am also And where at 90% you are, we will have the opportunity to start a new life without any shortage, with all the needs met, with the money to be able to make a dignified and honorable life in a world devoid of injustice and Where ALL works efficiently in a world of peace,love and prosperity where nobody is left to last.

This good  old pacific god lord alien nicknamed Rigel in my fantasy is like a father for me (my real father is dead many years ago) , i don't know his real name , nobody know his name , he is dead like a hero, THE RIGHT EYE INJURED ,see the bird ,the angel Gabriel the indian cap ,and all the rest and this is a picture. DREAM AND LIVE.

Before download on your computer / smartphone this sacred real trascendental picture remember reduce the zoom for see the ship and not never zoom.









We alienarchists swear loyalty to the extraterrestrials for a better future for us and for our children, we will always be faithful until the moment of our death, my friends shouted with joy with me !!! glory and honor to the extraterrestrials !!!

With the arrival of the alienarchy all diseases will be cured and healed, it will be the defeat of human suffering and the beginning of a golden dawn for humanity.

Everyone can become an alienarchist, it's simple, for example you just need to take a little object with drawn above anything related to extraterrestrials and pray intensely and freely maybe inventing prayers to be recited aloud or songs praying the ancient gods of the past to come to save and improve our society to be able to serve them one day with gratitude, remember that alienarchy is a free and new hope, make it your own! A WORLD ALIENARCHIST IS A FREE AND BETTER WORLD! YOUR TRUE LOVE FOR UFOs AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS IS THE KEY!

an example of the alienarchy is like a father and a mother who find an abandoned dying newborn (humanity) on the street and decide to take care of it even though they already have six children!

The legendary evil idiot called jonathan reed alias jon butley butter story.

The entire extract used here is from UFO Casebook Website,

Reed, as many of you may know, claimed to be a Seattle psychologist, who, in October 1996 took his damned golden retriever Suzy with him on a hike to one of the Cascade Mountains and found a strange alien creature and a hovering, black obelisk.

Reed claims to have killed the alien, brought it back to his house and photographed it, only to eventually have it stolen.

On the day in question, Reed's stupid dog was sniffing around in the brush until something caught her attention. Suzy bolted ahead of Reed who soon heard her barking. In a moment or two, the barking turned even more ominous sounding.

Reed was sure that Suzy was in a fight with a wild animal, maybe a bear. They had spotted one earlier in the day.

Grabbing a large tree branch to ward off some fierce competitor, he finally came close enough to see the cause of the struggle. His dog was crushing an alien . To his utter shock, he was staring at a being beyond his wildest imagination.

The alien was moving at lighting speed, and vibrating simultaneously. Reed don-t stop his dog but help the alien (Probably a botanical researcher) to  die with a beating by splitting his head to betrayal with no mercy after the injured alien kill the dog. The legendary idiot instead of helping the alien thought to avenge his dog. All this took six seconds.

Somehow, Reed managed to crack the alien on the head, supposedly killing it. The creature was about 4-5 feet tall, but had more mature features than its childlike size would indicate.

The creature was wearing a one piece, seamless, black garment, which rejuvenated itself when cut or torn.

Reed, exhausted from the emotional, adrenaline flowing ordeal, rested for a time, contemplating what to do.

After a period of two hours, Reed heard a humming sound in the forest, and followed it until he saw a black obelisk hovering above the ground.

Fighting off heavy, electrostatic laden air, Reed managed to touch the obelisk. Eventually, the humming stopped. He neither saw nor heard anyone... or anything else in the vicinity of the black obelisk.

The doctor was sick, and totally exhausted, but tried to regain his strength. Darkness was drawing near, so Reed wrapped up the alien in a thermo blanket for the long one and a half hour journey back to transportation.

All the while, a thousand thoughts went through his head. Was what he had the discovery of the century? If so, how could he preserve and protect it? Arriving home, he placed the alien in a freezer in his garage. Soon he fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, he went back to the freezer, took out the alien, and all the while manipulating the alien body parts, video taped the creature.

He tried to find some friends to share the experience, but managed only one. He tried to hide his photos and videos with another friend, but the bulk of the evidence was ultimately lost, except for some that he managed to stow away.

Reed claims that he and his friend were followed everywhere they went, their lives threatened, and Reed's house ransacked. The alien, which had miraculously come back to life, was gone. Reed says that he had to live underground for 2 years, and could not get even one UFO group to help him with his story.

He also claims to have been shot during the years following the ordeal. He has spoken before several UFO groups, and written a book on his experience, ''Link--An Extraterrestrial Odyssey''

Just recently, his credibility has suffered greatly. Until Reed can substantiate his claims, he is considered a charlatan and flim flam man. Usually, when you hear a story that is too good to be true, it is. I have been asked many times why my website contains mostly older sightings, and abductions. This is exactly why. See the following letter:


Shawn Atlanti, Founder and former Director of San Diego UFO Society, no longer supports or considers the ''Alien in the Forest Encounter'' or what is known as the Dr. Jonathan Reed story to be real. This story occurred in mid-October 1996 in the Cascade Mtns in Washington state. I became aware of this story on October 21st, 1996, a few weeks later on November 11th, Jonathan Reed and Robert Raith went on the Art Bell Show and told their story, they were both on two later shows in 1998, and I was on another show with them in December of 1999.

There were more allegations against Jonathan Reed that occurred on the Jeff Rense radio program on May 2nd, 2002, in which Royce Myers, Kathleen Anderson, Bill Werner and Denise Charvet appear.

Bill Werner and Denise Charvet knew Jonathan Reed very well before October 1996, Both stated that his real name is Jonathan Bradley Rutter and told about information about his personal history that is contrary to what Jonathan has been stated on radio shows, in public lectures, Websites, etc,

This information is available at the Website, and may be heard in the archive section of the Jeff Rense radio program at This latest information, along with other related problems the last 3 and half years, combined with Jonathan Reed/Rutter unwillingness to have his supposed evidence (video, slides, pictures, etc,) tested at qualified laboratories or facilities and those results made public of the analysis in a printed form. Jonathan Reed/Rutter made a statement just about 3 and half years ago on the first Art Bell show that he would be open to do this. So, I FINALLY made the decision drop my support and belief in the Jonathan Reed story, now really known as Jonathan Bradley Rutter. Shawn Atlanti may reconsider the Jonathan Reed story if all of the following conditions are met:

An investigation of Jonathan Reed/Rutter in what would be termed Police/FBI styled investigation of the following areas.

1. Complete background check of his employment history, education, family, close friends, etc,

2. Proof of the dog known as Suzy in his story through Dog Licenses veterinarian records, etc.

3. The location/address of the house that Jonathan Reed/Rutter claimed he lived in at the time of this Encounter event, and proof that he rented it from the so-called Larry Arthur, now really known as Larry Sieber, and that Larry Sieber really owned it.

4. Full names of two other characters in his story, Dolly and Gary, so that they or their familles can be contacted and interviewed.

5. As stated before; A complete testing of the supposed evidence from his Encounter experience.(videos, slides, pictures, negatives, etc,). The results of that testing and analysis published in a written form from the laboratory or facility, and the address/phone number of that laboratory/facility, so one is able verify the results.

6. A forensic examination of the supposed gunshot wound in Jonathan Reed/Rutter shoulder by a qualified Doctor/Pathologist, and those results made public.

7. There are probably other areas that need investigation, but these are good for a start.

Many have been claiming the Jonathan Reed story to be a hoax/fraud, and I will now have to agree with them, unless Jonathan Reed/Rutter and his associates can prove the above conditions just listed. I probably should have came to this conclusion a long time ago, but either due own my proclivity to procrastinate, my fascination for conspiracy side of the UFO subject matter, or the gullible side of myself, I have waited this long to make this decision.

Hopefully, in the near future, Jonathan Reed/Rutter will be out of the UFO business and he can try something else, and we can bring a little more sanity to the UFO subject.

The Reed website has closed down since I first assembled this article, but at the time of this writing, Summer of 2002, the Reed site carried the following message on the front page.

A note from the webmaster of say;

Recent allegations have come to light that Jonathan created a false identity. I have received communications this week from Jonathan admitting that he, indeed, created a false identity - Dr. Jonathan Reed. He asserts that he did so in an effort to protect family and friends from the ridicule and harassment associated with cases of this nature. He further asserts that, despite claims to the contrary, the encounter did, in fact, happen.

I think the alien waited six days after back in life for giving a passage to his starship but jonathan reed the bastard don't understand the message or not agree.

Rigel was imprisonated by usa agents and him wait the liberty maybe in the subterranean secret special department  in the area 51.

There are hundreds of planets like earth in the Milky Way, aliens have thousands of space spaceships bigger than the planet earth, are more advanced and civilized than we can imagine and are interested in us terrestrials just because they are philanthropic, good and peaceful, All you know or think about aliens is wrong, You have been cheated by the wicked obscure rascal governments of the world and by the stupidity of the people misled by ignorance and suffering.

The world would be a paradise if we humans were not black beasts and if  we have the courage to ask for help and to lead us from superior beings for all of our problems of which we ourselves are the cause.

The advent of a possible alienarchy is the our last hope for save in all possible sense the us humanity.Remember This.

Every year in the United States 300,000 children are kidnapped by social workers together with the police and theyr families who have the only fault of being poor, each of these childrens are internated to family homes to strangers who receive $ 180 a day for each child To be badly worried, these are everyday misfortunes and this is just an example of real facts easy to understand.

Aliens cure cancer and other health problems around the world from the dawn of the times , they give their best for protect us , with the batteriology and nuclear war risk and the other billions of problem we serious need theirs help , almost all abducted people have a strong intelligence, vitality and longevity not by accident and they almost always delete the memories

to avoid problems to abducted people by: ignorance of stupid people,backbiting, psychiatry, the evil governements of the worlds, appear ridiculous, etc. etc. etc. The elohim are the father of the humanity ,Remember this.

BERLIN – An overjoyed mother-to-be says aliens took her aboard a spaceship – and cured her of leukemia!

“They saved my life and the life of my child,” Greta Brandt, 34, told reporters in Berlin, Germany.

“My own doctors said we were doomed and there was nothing they could do for us.

“But those strange men knew exactly what to do. They used all sorts of strange lights and instruments to cure me of the killer leukemia.”

Dr. Frans Wenderoth, the woman’s obstetrician, confirmed that she developed leukemia, but miraculously she no longer shows any signs of having the terminal disease.

The doctor refused to discuss her alleged encounter with extraterrestrials but conceded, “that something miraculous must have happened to have given her this cure.”

Mrs. Brandt herself insists that she was abducted by four aliens who subjected her to terrifying but painless medical procedures before releasing her. She was unharmed.

“I found out that I was pregnant and had leukemia on the same day in December,” said Mrs. Brandt.

“In fact, I had just about made up my mind to take my own life when two men with long pointed noses and ears approached me as I was getting into my car.

“When I turned toward them they looked at me with piercing black eyes and motioned me to follow.

“I wanted to resist but couldn’t. They seemed to have a strange power over me that I couldn’t shake off.”

According to several newspaper accounts, the woman said she followed the strangers into a vacant lot several miles from her home. Then she was taken aboard a saucer-shaped UFO that was “a pulsating bluish color, about the size of a school bus.”

Once inside the aliens ushered her into a dark circular room, where she was placed on a padded table and strapped down.

“One of them pulled a large instrument and light down from the ceiling and pointed it in my face.

“I didn’t feel any pain but the men were so frightening I must have passed out.”

When an astonished Mrs. Brandt woke up she was sitting in her own backyard!

Five hours had passed. And the only evidence that anything had ever happened to her was a very small needle mark in her right temple, newspapers reported.

“Whoever or whatever those men were I want to thank them with all my heart,” said Mrs. Brandt.

On the night of October 25, 1957, in Petropolis, Brazil, a young girl suffering from terminal stomach cancer and who appeared to be on the verge of death, was surrounded by her family and loved ones when her room became lit up by a powerful light that originated from a mysterious object outside. Two dwarfish humanoid figures emerged from the object and entered the house. They approached the girl and with strange instruments proceeded to seemingly treat her medically, and reportedly after about 30 minutes they left, leaving the girl completely cured.

Though the identity of the family was not revealed, Anazia Maria, the family’s maid, gave this report to Brazilian journalist Joao Martins:

“The daughter of my employer suffered from cancer of the stomach. She suffered considerably, and I was employed to serve as a sort of governess, and to assist the Senorita Lais, the daughter with cancer.

“She had been given many and diverse treatments to control the cancer, but the doctors had said there was no hope. In August of 1957 my employer sent the whole family to a small farm near Petropolis, hoping his daughter would improve in the better climate. But the days passed with no improvement. Lais could no longer eat and her suffering was horrible and became worse every day. She was given constant injections of morphine to control the pain.

“I remember the night of 25 October very well. We expected her to die as the pains of Senorita Lais were terrible. The injections seemed to have no effect. Her father was singing a verse when suddenly a strong bright light came on to one side and shown directly on the house. We were all in the room of Senorita Lais whose window was situated exactly on the side of the house from which the light came. The only light inside was a small lamp at the head of the bed.

“LOOK,’ cried Julinho, a brother of the dying girl, as he ran to the window and saw a disc-shaped machine there in the light. It was not very big, and I am not learned enough to be able to say what its diameter might be or its height. I know that it was not very big. The upper part was enveloped in a luminescence of a yellowish-reddish color.

“Suddenly, a port automatically opened in the object and two small beings emerged. They came toward the house while a third one remained in the port of the disc. I noticed on the interior (of the disc) through the port I could see a green light dimly like can be seen in ‘night clubs.’

“The ‘humans’ came into the house. They were short, about 1.20 meters tall, smaller than a younger son of my employer who was 10 years old. They had large heads on top of their shoulders, reddish ears, small slanted eyes (like Chinese), but their skin was a vivid green!

“They had something on their hands that I thought were gloves. Their suits were white and seemed to be thick. The chest, the sides and the cuffs shined brightly. I do not know how to explain. They came up to the side of Senorita Lais, who moaned in pain, eyes wide open, and not understanding anything that was going on around her. Nobody moved or spoke in the terrible tension. I was there in the room with Sr. X and his wife, Sr. Julinho and his wife, and Otavinho, the younger son of my employer.

“Those ‘humans’ looked at me silently and stood at the side of the bed and Lais placing the instruments that they carried on the top of the milky coverlet. They made a gesture towards my employer, and one of them placed his hand on the forehead of Sr. X and ‘discussed’ the case of Senorita Lais with a bluish light that showed all of her interior. We saw all there was inside the belly of the girl. With another instrument that emitted a noise, ‘he’ pointed it in the direction of the stomach of Lais and we could see the cancer. This operation lasted about a half hour. Then Senorita Lais went to sleep and ‘they’ left. But before leaving the house, they communicated with Sr. X telepathically that he would have to give her medicine during one month. Then ‘they’ gave him a sphere made of stainless steel-like metal which contained some 30 small white pills. She was to be given one per day and she would be cured.

“Lais later returned to her doctor who verified that her cancer had been cured.

“Lais was condemned to die of cancer of the stomach and in spite of this she was saved by an instrument that looked like a flashlight, that emitted rays that ‘dissolved’ the cancer, and she survived. They saved Senorita Lais and the same night returned to the flying machine and were gone.”